Startup Marketing Tips: How To Create A Profitable Marketing Strategy Without Investing A Fortune

A Startup Marketing Strategy is an overall marketing strategy that suits a startup's limited budget and promises faster growth than more traditional marketing strategies. This strategy might consist of growth marketing or some traction marketing, depending upon whether you want a solid foundation or fast results. A lot has been made of the term traction marketing. Here's what it means:

Traction Marketing: When you're just getting started, you don't yet have much to market with. You don't yet have your product ready to sell. And certainly, you don't yet have a large customer list. Therefore, it's important to first focus on getting your brand out there, as much as possible. Start building your list, and then use it in your efforts to generate sales. The account based marketing agency ensures you see results fast.

Growth Marketing Strategies: Growth marketing strategies are a mix of traditional offline methods of marketing and online strategies for creating an awareness of your brand. These methods can include traditional methods like direct mail, press releases, press kits, telemarketing, and face-to-face interactions. Some startups choose to go even further and use viral marketing techniques, such as videos, blog posts, viral e-books and more. Whatever strategy you choose, it should include all of the following elements:

Growth Hacking: A growth hacking strategy usually requires a long term strategy in place before you can implement anything. Growth hacks are short term tactics (typically no longer than a month) which focus on one or two points. For instance, if you're looking to create buzz about a new product, you could write a blog post, tweet it to followers, submit it to article directories and then finally share the link on social media. A quick search will give you plenty of examples.

Outsourcing: If you have an expertise in a field that you're particularly good at but don't have the time to market it to potential customers, you could consider outsourcing. This is the core component of any startup marketing strategy - someone else does the work for you! Whether you outsource the lead generation, copywriting, email campaigns or social media promotions, you'll be able to benefit from having a low cost expert do most of the job for you. You can save time, avoid having to learn new skills and increase profits without having to do a lot of work. If you choose a saas marketing company, you get the benefits coming fast.

Outsourcing these services doesn't necessarily mean you won't be getting value for money. In fact, it often means you'll be getting more bang for your buck and you'll be able to focus on other things. Just make sure that you're going to be getting value for your money. Make sure you have a clearly defined strategy and follow it consistently. Your audience will recognize your unique selling proposition (USP) faster if you focus on a well-defined marketing strategy that drives your business model and builds a strong customer base.

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